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I was recently introduced to Ethiopian food, so I'd already tried it once by the time I wined and dined in Washington D.C. [after the Inauguration, may I add]. So far, I haven't developed any favourites, but I did absolutely adore the honey wine I had with the food, Tej. It was exquisite, and I plan on unwinding after my qualifying exams with a well deserved glass of Tej =) [pronounced something like Tesh].

That's all I really have to say...so far, I like Ethiopian food, but nothing has stood out as my absolute favourite yet. Stay tuned.
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I have officially found my favourite Jamaican restaurant. Meet Crystal Edge Restaurant, around the corner from the fabulous Strawberry Hills, and adjacent to the best coffee spot (or at least one of) on the island, Cafe Blue.

It's a little bit of a drive through Irish Town, but stick it out, this place really is one of the hidden gems. We'd already heard rave reviews of their oxtail, and came just in time to get the bottom of the pot.

My dad had their Brown Stewed Fish, and my sister had some Chinese Roast Chicken along with the Oxtail. All of our meals were accompanied by a side of some amazing rice and peas.