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I have officially found my favourite Jamaican restaurant. Meet Crystal Edge Restaurant, around the corner from the fabulous Strawberry Hills, and adjacent to the best coffee spot (or at least one of) on the island, Cafe Blue.

It's a little bit of a drive through Irish Town, but stick it out, this place really is one of the hidden gems. We'd already heard rave reviews of their oxtail, and came just in time to get the bottom of the pot.

My dad had their Brown Stewed Fish, and my sister had some Chinese Roast Chicken along with the Oxtail. All of our meals were accompanied by a side of some amazing rice and peas.

I've never had oxtail that fell off the bones in that way, with such a perfect flavour. It was one of those meals that you don't want to end, and when it does, you wonder why it did. I tasted the roast chicken, and it had a similarly perfect flavour...and I'm now regretting that I didn't taste the fish, but my dad, who said he isn't really a brown stew man, certainly left a very clean fish bone behind. People were even fighting over finishing the rice, and not even a tiny piece of the salad was left behind, it was that kind of a meal.

To top it off, the price of the meal was incredibly reasonable. The chicken $400 JMD ($5 USD), the oxtail was $450 JMD ($5.50 USD), and the fish was $600 JMD ($7.50 USD). I've never had that quality food for that low of a price.

At the end of the meal, after washing it down with some fresh country water, we walked around for a while just enjoying the atmosphere.

After a while we wandered into Cafe Blue for some blue mountain coffee and pastries. I had an excellent frappuccino, two others had frappuccino with honey and Tia Maria (a coffee liqueur), and one person had the hot brewed coffee with Tia Maria topped with whipped cream (shown in the picture). We all shared a slice of cheese cake and relaxed in the cool mountain air (also shown).

At the end we walked around Strawberry Hills and watched the sunset. Where else, could I enjoy such a perfect meal at such a perfect price in such perfect surroundings?
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