So over the Christmas break I took up crocheting - it's great! I love having an outlet for making things with my hands, and when I'm done it's something I needed! So my next project will probably be making a rug, any suggestions? So far I've found some instructions online:

Also, this is a collection of links with instructions, I haven't gone through all of them yet:

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So I've spent quite some time getting Crystal Space running on a Mac...which is almost the same I think as getting it to run on Linux...with a few exceptions.

At first I thought I hadn't gotten all the dependencies. In some sense, that's true, I hadn't installed libjpeg, but I actually had everything else.

The main problem is that I wasn't installing crystal space in whatever the default directory was supposed to be. Once I realised that, I put in an extra argument to the ./configure:

1. ./configure --prefix=/Users/kamilah/Downloads/CS

Obviously, insert your user name for kamilah, or whatever path is appropriate in your situation. The next problem was that apparently it wasn't actually installing everything...so I added -k all to make

2. sudo make -k all
3. sudo make install
4. sudo make distclean

After all of this, there were still some technical things that needed to be done...There's some defaults file that you have to add things to...
5. defaults write NSGlobalDomain CrystalSpaceRoot "/Users/kamilah/Downloads/CS"
6. CRYSTAL=~/Downloads/CS; export CRYSTAL
7. echo $CRYSTAL
8. defaults write CrystalSpace.Global Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Red 50
9. defaults write CrystalSpace.Global Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Green 50
10. defaults write CrystalSpace.Global Engine.Lighting.Ambient.Blue 50

And then, just typing walktest apparently won't launch the walktest demo, you have to type something along the lines of:

11. bin/walktest.app/Contents/MacOS/walktest --relight flarge

Finally, sweet success.