I have a bit of puzzler. If there's a book I really think I'll enjoy,I generally read it before watching the movie/mini series. I have violated this recently, watching the miniseries of Desmond Deronda without reading the George Elliott novel, but to be fair I wasn't aware of the novel before watching the miniseries. I also watched Atonement and The English Patient without reading the novels. On the other hand, I recently finally read The Lord of the Rings, and feel pleased that I can watch the movies without a sense of guilt. So question: should I watch the much lauded mini series Little Dorrit, which just won 7 out 11 Emmy's and is available for free legally on http://video.pbs.org/? Or should I wait and read Little Dorrit, considering it's one of the few Charles Dickens novels I haven't read and Dickens is one of my favorite authors. It's such a dilemma. Any opinions?
Why? Why would anyone even think of ruining two wonderful foods like bacon and chocolate by combining them?

Edit: I don't think there's enough anger I can express about the thought of inventing bacon chocolate. The worst part is that the back of the chocolate bar said the woman had been trying to combine bacon chocolate since she was 5 years old. Why did growing up, getting a bachelor's degree and going to cooking school in France not stop her?
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