...i.e. me screaming like the Harry Potter fangirl I am.

YouTube - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer:

Comments [also courtesy of my fellow fan girl sister]:

Rupert Grint has gotten exceptionally skilled at making grimacing faces.

The protective barrier around Hogwarts looks an awful lot like a globe. Is that France I see?

Was it really necessary to edit out the blood from Hermione's hands? Not a fan of gore, but I hope they didn't do that in the film.

So the group shot of Voldemort and co. is kinda bad-ass. Seriously, a lot of computers will have a new wallpaper tonight.

Helena Bonham-Carter will be stalking me in my nightmares. Her eyes as Bellatrix when she's throwing that knife...[shivers]

Voldemort: "Why do you live?" Harry: "Because I'm not dead." Ooh, or "Well you see how it works is that while you're still breathing and functioning, that generally means that your alive." I kid. Radcliffe actually delivered his line "Because I have something to live for" in a believable not corny fashion.
(NB This was the line I was worried about in my previous post on the ShoWest preview reviews!)

Crap, that is a really huge snake.

Voldemort screaming like a girl, is that when he discovers his horcruxes are gone? "OMG, they stole my locket!"

Is that scene with who I assume is Voldemort plus Bellatrix on the moon? [Okay, I don't think it's on the moon, but my sister is convinced of this.]

I love the irony in Voldemort saying "Only I can live FOREVER" Harry - "Really?"

All snarkiness aside, I literally screamed "Oh my god oh my god oh my god" when I watched this. The cinematography is so gorgeous, the emotions are crescendoing with the music, all the shots of the final battle seem perfect, and Dan Radcliffe [Harry Potter], Ralph Fienes [Voldemort], Alan Rickman [Snape] and the rest of the cast all look amazing. Absolutely epic and now I can't believe I have to wait till November before watching Part 1, much less till July for Part 2.

November, hurry up!
Gulf oil spill: Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable? - CSMonitor.com
"In the case of a hurricane hitting the 250-mile wide slick and pushing it over sand dunes and into beach towns, residents fear they’ll face not only mass evacuations, but potential permanent relocation."
"On Friday, the Coast Guard announced it would start moving boats and rigs away from the Deepwater Horizon geyser site 120 hours before a hurricane’s approach, at that point ending all collection efforts and delaying the drilling of relief wells, which are now on track to plug the well by late August – the height of the hurricane season. The geyser blowing at full tilt without a containment cap could spew between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels of oil a day, possibly more."
It wasn't till I spotted the headlines about Tropical Storm Alex heading into the Gulf that it occurred to me just how much worse the Gulf situation could get. Please world, never forget what BP has done to the environment. It is unforgivable.

(Image above: "Tar balls from the oil spill wash ashore in Grand Isle, La., awaiting cleanup.")
I'd really like to leave my numerous thoughts on the horrific oil spill, but I'm in thesis-writing-experiment-finishing mode, so for now I'll leave you with a picture I'd describe as haunting.

You can see the source for a larger version of the picture: