A visual record of reports of violence, road blocks, or other key activities related to the State of Emergency declared in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica on May 23, 2010.

The State of  Emergency was declared in order to execute the extradition warrant for Tivoli strongman Christopher "Dudus" Coke.

Please note that locations given may not always be exact.

OGNR - On the Ground News Reports 


CVM - CVM Television

TVJ - Television Jamaica

Gleaner - The Jamaica Gleaner

Observer - The Jamaica Observer

RJR - Radio Jamaica

View Official OGNR Situation Map in a larger map

P.S. Thanks so much to all who helped me with this!
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This is a scary time for all of us members of the Jamaican diaspora, both at home and abroad. Here are some resources I've been using to keep up to date with the situation at home:

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

That's it for now, check back for updates to sources. As always, don't panic if the story is not confirmed, which is about all we can do right now!

Edit: My twitter list of various Jamaican news sources:

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I recently ran into a problem that I hadn't previously encountered. Latex cannot deal with vector images (.eps) and rasterized images (.pdf, .jpg, .png) simultaneously! There may be a better way around this, but since I had mostly eps files in my paper, I decided to convert the jpegs to eps with this handy little site: http://www.tlhiv.org/rast2vec/. I love it!

Edit: To clarify, if you're compiling your file with latex then dvips then ps2pdf, you need to have eps files. If you're compiling your file with pdflatex, then you need pdf, jpg, png, etc. Hope that explains why you can't have both types simultaneously!

I'd call this one of the biggest environmental catastrophes of the 21st century. This was such a news week. What with the oil spill, the attempted Times Square bomb, and the near collapse of the Dow Jones yesterday, it's like everyone is just on edge. Also, I can't believe NOAA's estimate on the rate of oil leakage is 10 times lower than BP's - is this some sort of pr stunt by BP? My question: when does the cleanup process begin?

Anyway, to help keep up with the big stories, some interesting articles:

Oil Spill:

Wall Street [Can you say "The sky is falling!!"]:

Times Square, Oil Spill and Obama:
I will never forget the Italian for sesso (sex) and cesso (toilet). So some friends and I were having a cultural exchange of music and they played this song for me by Max Gazzè:

I forgot that in Italian c sounds like ch so when I wrote down the song name, I wrote Max Gazzè - Il Solito Cesso, and my friends had a good time laughing at how I'd called Gazzè a toilet.

Anyway, there are no good translations of this song online, and it's really sweet, so I thought I'd post this rough translation I got from an Italian friend.

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