A song I had reason to look for the other day...

Edit: This song is finally available in digital form! I was browsing through the new DRM-free iTunes, and decided to look for it again, and there it was! =) Even better, after finding it there, I found it on eMusic (sorry iTunes, 33 cents a track beats you everytime). And the correct album name is Le Monde de Myriam Makeba, apparently on her french albums her name is spelled with a "y".
When I was younger i had this t-shirt that I loved. It had a picture of this little girl that looked kind of like me, with some flowers, and then it had this poem (done in puff paint if I remember correctly).

"Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where my posie is"
I used to hum that poem to myself, i had a tune that i made up for it...

Then my sister had this dandelion book which sang the story (it came with a cassette tape!). So, recently, I've walked down the road from home and watched the dandelions suddenly appear, all yellow in their glory, seen the buds appear on the trees, almost unnoticeable until overnight the trees are all green, and the rains have come, making everything even greener. Then inevitably, the dandelions changed to their poofy state, and I'd hum the song from that dandelion book.

"Dandelion, don't blow away
Save your strength, enjoy the day"
Watching spring just made me wish I could put this all into a poem or dance or song...I feel this urge to express myself artistically. For now, I guess this post will have to do.
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I've been quite absent from this for a while...end of semester madness. Still, I found time to go out for some tapas at Radio Maria. I'd been to Radio Maria before, when Microsoft Research treated the graduate women in computer science to a 4-course meal, but I hadn't been back since [In case you're wondering, my main course was a Steak, well done, which was quite tasty]. On this particular day, however, I had the Queso de Cabra Frito [Fried goat cheese with Jamaican Honey and toasted baguette] and Meatballs (it had a nice description that i can't remember). The Queso de Cabra Frito was a winner, the Meatballs, as you can see, were fine but not memorable. For wine, I had the Domaine de Salvard Cheverny Sauvignon Blanc, a very clean tasting white wine.

The highlight of the evening for me was the dessert. Valene brought us some Jamaican goodies from a West Indian bakery in New York - bun and cheese, bulla, rum cake, coconut cake, and coco bread!