Edit: Though this post was started while in Japan, and much of it written in Japan, I didn’t finish it till recently so have decided to move the publishing date. Originally this was going to be in multiple posts, but I decided to put my 4 days in Tokyo in one post – a tall order, I know! Hope you stick through to the end, sorry this is so delayed, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed all the experiences. =)
Being the geeks that we are, our first order of business in Tokyo was Akihabara, home of the electronic flea market.
12Japan-Tokyo 004 12Japan-Tokyo 012
This place had everything electronic you could think of. Really, everything.
12Japan-Tokyo 009 12Japan-Tokyo 017
If I weren’t a starving grad student, I’d have gone to town here. And of course where you find nerds you’ll find anime and manga fans, so….
12Japan-Tokyo 023 12Japan-Tokyo 025
12Japan-Tokyo 040 12Japan-Tokyo 032

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