Kamilah Taylor
I was so pleased with Half Blood Prince that I'm dying to see the last two installments of the Harry Potter franchise. This was leaked about a month ago, but has now supposedly been officially released:

What are your thoughts? It's not much so far, and I suspect that there may be parts from both Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 (otherwise there really isn't much left for part 2). It's quite exciting. The image of a horrified Hermione looking at bloody hands (perhaps from Ron splinching) is very eerie. Also, thanks to Pottercast, my sister and I are convinced that the eyes belong to Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour (he has the exact same expression in Pirates of the Caribbean 3). Splitting the book into 2 movies may end up being not just a financially smart decision after all.

Another exciting tidbit is that Miranda Richardson will reprise her role as Rita Skeeter. Now all we need is for John Williams to confirm that he's back as composer and I can safely say we're in for a treat.
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2 Responses
  1. key Says:

    It looks insane, but I'm saving my excitement for a bigger trailer.

  2. kami Says:

    Yea, I was mostly excited that this teaser gave us evidence of how much they're putting into these 2 films. But you're right, we should see what the first real trailer part 1 looks like.

    Of course, there's always at least one amazing trailer for each of the Harry Potter, but that doesn't always translate to an amazing movie...

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