One of our favorite pastimes when we were in Japan was finding hilarious Engrish - which wasn't hard at all. Here are some food themed ones for an amusing Friday read.

4. Bar Soul Blood, Kobe, Japan. Now I don't know why this place was called Bar Soul Blood, but I do know it was pretty hilarious. Also awesome: the picture of Michael Jackson. I think the it was pretty much the most expensive glass of coke I've ever had though...but the ambiance was awesome!

3. Deer Biscuits. It's awful for people! Nara, Japan. Yes I had to give a deer themed engrish. And yes, I had to include a picture of deer, because lets face it, they're adorable!

2. Please do not see it while drinking drink. The PET bottle caps it and put it in a bag, and please carry it. Please see the thing which the chief does not have after finishing drinking.

We found this delight posted on a soda vending machine at a temple/ex-castle in Kyoto. The Japanese must have really wondered what was wrong with us, because I believe the Japanese was perfectly fine, but where did they find their translator?

1. The thick pig bone soup stock with the specially makes the soy sauce manufactor to become. The taste is light. Moreover adds on the egg. Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

And the winner is...the menu from the restaurant with the best gyoza! This one just narrowly beats out number 2 because the gyoza was incredible and we got a good laugh - an entire menu of engrish.

And if none of this made you laugh, watch this video of a baby laughing while his dad rips up a rejection letter. I know, random, but I can't get enough of it.
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