Kamilah Taylor
When I was younger i had this t-shirt that I loved. It had a picture of this little girl that looked kind of like me, with some flowers, and then it had this poem (done in puff paint if I remember correctly).

"Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where my posie is"
I used to hum that poem to myself, i had a tune that i made up for it...

Then my sister had this dandelion book which sang the story (it came with a cassette tape!). So, recently, I've walked down the road from home and watched the dandelions suddenly appear, all yellow in their glory, seen the buds appear on the trees, almost unnoticeable until overnight the trees are all green, and the rains have come, making everything even greener. Then inevitably, the dandelions changed to their poofy state, and I'd hum the song from that dandelion book.

"Dandelion, don't blow away
Save your strength, enjoy the day"
Watching spring just made me wish I could put this all into a poem or dance or song...I feel this urge to express myself artistically. For now, I guess this post will have to do.
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