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I've been absent for a while...I actually have a backlog of yummy food to blog about! But for now, I'm going to explore getting a cat!

I've always wanted a cat, but when I was younger I developed a cat allergy. Recently, however, I've noticed that when I'm around cats for long periods I don't seem to have a reaction. Yay! So now I'm considering adopting a cat from the Champaign County Humane Society. I figure I still need to be cautious about the type of cat I choose and being extra clean.

So far, browsing through the site, I've fallen in love with this cat, Sheba. She's a mixture of a tabby and a short-hair...which is good, because I'm looking for a cat with short hair and that's preferably a female. Apparently female cats emit less of the cat allergen, a protein called Fel d 1.

So now I'm looking at the cost.
  1. Adoption fee: $75 Includes vaccines, collar and ID tag and a microchip.
  2. Pet Carrier: ? I can get a cheap one from the pet shelter.
  3. Allergen Spray: $7 - OdorLogic® AllergenSpray for Cats
  4. HEPA Air Cleaner: $110 on Amazon - Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner
  5. Cat Bathing Wipes: $5 - Simple Solution Cat Bathing Wipes
  6. Cat Food: $6-$10 - from Drs Foster and Smith
Anything I left out for the intial start up cost? Right now it looks like about $220! So I'll have to think about this longer I guess...
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