Kamilah Taylor
"All I know is that when I wake up Barack is going to be the winner."

I think the above quote from my little cousin Myra in Jamaica best captures the Obama phenomenon is from my little cousin Myra in Jamaica. She had to go to bed before the results came out, but she was certain that there was no other possible outcome.

I will never forget November 4th, 2008. Since 2000, I've been increasingly cynical about politics and the world in general, but over the course of Obama's campaign, I've found myself hoping against all odds that he would make it. Going on Green Street afterwards and being in the middle of a crowd of hundreds of college kids overjoyed....I mean I don't have words to describe it.

Chants of "No More Bush!", "Yes We Can!" and "Obama! Obama!" reverberated through the streets.

Some of the more touching scenes of the night included seeing the new first family, seeing Jesse Jackson with tears in his eyes, and feeling the excitement sweeping the world. I actually had a dream a few weeks ago that Obama won and that I was on the bus with him as he went to his celebration banquet. I felt so happy after having that dream...but even then it didn't really dawn on me what Obama winning would mean. I mean Americans have rejected the policies of Bush and elected a Black man to the highest office in America. It's absolutely amazing. I didn't think that the moment would come so soon...I imagined that a Black man may win at some point, but I just didn't realise it would be so soon. I'm overjoyed and am now addicted to reading and watching everything Obama related.

I'll end with this little tidbit. As Jamaicans, a wi swing dis election. A wi dat! Look at the breakdown. Obama won Florida by 200,000 votes. Where did they come from? Broward County, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach. There are at least 250,000 Jamaican US Citizens living in these counties. So I can only conclude that we gave him Florida. It helped at least right?

We can not forget the tech savvy of Barack Obama and his team...I think this helped him not. Case in point - he has put pictures on Flickr from election night:

I leave you with some footage from that oh so historic night.

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