Kamilah Taylor
So I noticed that I actually have 6 followers, which is slightly scary, that means people might actually be reading this! I've been absent a bit recently, and I apologize for that, and I also apologize for the sudden end of Grace Hopper posts (I kinda got food poisoning I think from Metro Cafe Diner, remind you of Japan anyone?), but now I'm wondering, what do my readers want to read? More food posts? More tech tricks? Maybe music stuff? I'm curious to know. Also coming up, a Bay Area post! (Silicon Valley and Berkeley impressions, and a one day walking tour of San Francisco!)
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  1. auriesociety Says:

    looking forward to your upcoming stuff. don't be afraid of the following...just continue being who you are.

  2. kami Says:

    I can definitely do more music posts.

    @auriesociety Thanks, I'll do just that!

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