Kamilah Taylor
Here's to hoping that this is the movie where a Harry Potter film lives up to or surpasses the book...Also, I just wanted to try out this live streaming of a trailer. I know, I played right into their marketing strategy.

[The Hulu live trailer was here when it was...well, live. See youtube link below for the trailer.]

Edit: So the trailer is epic, more epic than the previous trailers for this movie. And I know the book was epic (HBP is one of my favorites in the series). So the question remains, will the movie be epic too?

Edit 2: I downloaded the quicktime HD version of the trailer...and now I'm kind of drooling over both this movie and the Star Trek movie. Looks like a good movie summer is shaping up...

Edit 3: A more permanent link:

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Will Harry Potter be released in Jamaica the same day as the rest of the world? Are there lots of movie theaters in Jamaica, or would one have to drive far to go see it? (I'm going to be in Jamaica the week that it gets released and would like to see it while there).

  2. kami Says:

    There are a lot of movie theaters in Jamaica...It all depends on where in Jamaica you'll be. If you're in Kingston, the main movie theatres are run by Palace Amusement. Actually Palace Amusement operates theatres in Montego Bay and Mandeville as well. Still, there are other companies, once you get there you can find them by asking around or looking them up in the phone book. I think Harry Potter has been released at the same time as the rest of the world for the past two movies. The recent Star Trek movie came out at the same time as the US, I think for big movies they generally make an effort to get them at the same time, and Harry Potter is very popular in Jamaica.

    A little tip: Make sure you get to the theatre very early, tickets are likely to be sold out very quickly.

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