Kamilah Taylor
I just had an amazing 6 oz filet topped with steak butter and haricot vert at jim gould. If it weren't an etiquette dinner, I'd have taken my camera out to take a picture. Steak should always taste just like that.

The first course was a garden sald with a lemon-oregano vinagreitte. Was a good salad dressing, though a little bit too much of it, should have said on the side. No worries. The bread was also very good, I mean yes, I'm talking about bread, this was really nice, fresh baked melt in your mouth bread.

So all of this had me anticipating my 6 o.z. filet. And I was not disappointed. At all. There are very few chefs who understand what well done means. Well done does not mean that I actually meant medium well, or that I wanted it overcooked, or that I wanted it charred. Well done means that I want my beef cooked while remaining juicy, moist and succulent. They certainly delivered. I left absolutely nothing on my plate, not even a grain of the wild rice medley.

Of course by the time we got to the melt in my mouth Chocolate Torte with strawberries, I was understandably full, but I still couldn't resist eating half of it, and packaged the rest for hopefully not a midnight snack.

So the famous jim gould lived up to their reputation, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for fine dining in Champaign.
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