Kamilah Taylor
I have a bit of puzzler. If there's a book I really think I'll enjoy,I generally read it before watching the movie/mini series. I have violated this recently, watching the miniseries of Desmond Deronda without reading the George Elliott novel, but to be fair I wasn't aware of the novel before watching the miniseries. I also watched Atonement and The English Patient without reading the novels. On the other hand, I recently finally read The Lord of the Rings, and feel pleased that I can watch the movies without a sense of guilt. So question: should I watch the much lauded mini series Little Dorrit, which just won 7 out 11 Emmy's and is available for free legally on http://video.pbs.org/? Or should I wait and read Little Dorrit, considering it's one of the few Charles Dickens novels I haven't read and Dickens is one of my favorite authors. It's such a dilemma. Any opinions?
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