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...i.e. me screaming like the Harry Potter fangirl I am.

YouTube - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer:

Comments [also courtesy of my fellow fan girl sister]:

Rupert Grint has gotten exceptionally skilled at making grimacing faces.

The protective barrier around Hogwarts looks an awful lot like a globe. Is that France I see?

Was it really necessary to edit out the blood from Hermione's hands? Not a fan of gore, but I hope they didn't do that in the film.

So the group shot of Voldemort and co. is kinda bad-ass. Seriously, a lot of computers will have a new wallpaper tonight.

Helena Bonham-Carter will be stalking me in my nightmares. Her eyes as Bellatrix when she's throwing that knife...[shivers]

Voldemort: "Why do you live?" Harry: "Because I'm not dead." Ooh, or "Well you see how it works is that while you're still breathing and functioning, that generally means that your alive." I kid. Radcliffe actually delivered his line "Because I have something to live for" in a believable not corny fashion.
(NB This was the line I was worried about in my previous post on the ShoWest preview reviews!)

Crap, that is a really huge snake.

Voldemort screaming like a girl, is that when he discovers his horcruxes are gone? "OMG, they stole my locket!"

Is that scene with who I assume is Voldemort plus Bellatrix on the moon? [Okay, I don't think it's on the moon, but my sister is convinced of this.]

I love the irony in Voldemort saying "Only I can live FOREVER" Harry - "Really?"

All snarkiness aside, I literally screamed "Oh my god oh my god oh my god" when I watched this. The cinematography is so gorgeous, the emotions are crescendoing with the music, all the shots of the final battle seem perfect, and Dan Radcliffe [Harry Potter], Ralph Fienes [Voldemort], Alan Rickman [Snape] and the rest of the cast all look amazing. Absolutely epic and now I can't believe I have to wait till November before watching Part 1, much less till July for Part 2.

November, hurry up!
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