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Get ready for what may be the most exciting piece of Deathly Hallows news we've gotten in a while! I stumbled upon these two articles today(here and here), and there are some tantalizing bits about what to expect from the finale. Apparently quite an extensive preview was shown at ShoWest 2010, and I've got to say, it sounds epic. Finally!!!! I really hope they don't screw up these last two movies, because I'm sure it'll be a while before we can get the remake. I loved the impression that it's really set up as Voldemort, the Death Eaters and even the Ministry all against Harry. Quibble:
The footage ended with what might be the final confrontation with Voldemort as he asks Harry, "Why do you still live?" to which he gets the response, "Because I have something to live for."
Ralph Fiennes delivering that line sounds like it'll give me chills, but I hope Daniel Radcliffe delivering that line doesn't end up being another cheesy movie thing.

Other than that, November couldn't come soon enough!

Edit: I also, of course, found more info here.
We saw little bits of everything, from the seven Harry Potters escaping from the Dursleys house (totally surreal) to the attack at Bill and Fleur's wedding to the escape from Gringotts on the pale dragon and even Hogwarts on fire. With unfinished effects it's hard to really say how it all looks, though some of the most effective moments were the simplest -- Ron and Harry's fight in the tent, Harry visiting his parents' graves, running away from the Snatchers in the woods, Harry defiantly telling Voldemort that he stays alive "because I have something worth fighting for."

...the first scene of the extended trailer was Harry and Voldemort's confrontation in the woods outside Hogwarts. Harry, bloodied and visibly terrified, approaches a cold Voldemort (flanked by Bellatrix Lestrange); Voldemort taunts Harry, "The boy who lived, come to die."

They said that Radcliffe's delivery was defiant and very effective, so now I'm just excited! Please don't disappoint me David Yates!!
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