Kamilah Taylor

I just gave my first ever conference presentation. The level of nervousness will never recaptured (thank God), and all things considered, I think it went quite well. Really. I was so nervous before, it reminded me of back in the day when I'd have a piano exam or a piano recital and my hands would just be shaking. The benefit here is that shaky hands can just be put behind my back. I don't think my mouth has ever felt so dry, I'm actually kind of glad now that my talk was so late in the conference, because I may have self destructed if I had a larger room of people. I even got some laughs (the picture to the right helped)...and of course, when I gave my anecdote about getting lost in Kobe last night, after Karaoke, there were some shared smiles in the audience (the people I was at Karaoke with). All in all, not a bad memory.

Now I can finally enjoy Japan without this presentation hanging over my head. There'll be a couple more posts about my past couple of days in Kobe, and then it's on to Nara!
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