Kamilah Taylor
I'm in Asia!! And I've had lots of Korean food, had this dish called Bibimbab twice already. This place is a century ahead of the US, my poor phone isn't advanced enough to work here (not 3G). Well, I'll edit this post later with my notes I took on the food on the plane (quite good), stay tuned, got to run.

Edit: I really recommend Korean Air, their service is great and their uniforms are adorable. It may be the best airplane food I've ever had...I was worried when they started by giving us peanuts, but then they gave us 2 meals plus this roll with meat in it.

Of course the conversation with the flight attendant was hilarious.
Flight Attendant: "Beef or Bibimbap?"
Me: "Beef or what?"
Flight Attendant: "Bibimbap."
Me: "What is in bi-bi-.."
Flight Attendant: "Bibimbap."
Me: "Ok, I guess I'll have Bibimbap."

Really it tasted good, but man I was confused.

Random Sushi place at the airport.

After enjoying Bibimbap so much on the plane, I had some more at the Seoul Airport, this time called Bibimbap in sizzling bowl.

Even on the short flight from Seoul to Osaka, we got more food.

So that was my snapshot of Korea. Hopefully I get to see more of it one of these days!
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  1. Mitchy Says:

    Yes Kamilah, I do agree with about the Korean Air, it is certainly 5 Star. I traveled on it when I was going to Korea, and the bibimbap is crazy, especially when it is spicy. The first time we saw it we called it rotten cabbage, but the one on the plain is nicer than the one we had in Korea itself. Have fun. Are you just vacationing! Enjoy

  2. Mitchy Says:

    Well, bibimbap was great, I was getting confused with Kimchi (rotten cabbage) seasoned with pepper. You need to try that.

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