Kamilah Taylor
I didn’t know a city could be so colorful. We arrived in Tokyo by the Shinkansen, then went took the train to Uiguisudani, where our hotel is. The train was packed, I think we were in the tail end of rush hour. Anyway, after we put our luggage up, we left to see Shibuya at night and got off from the train station at the biggest intersection I’ve ever seen.

11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 130 11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 134

These pictures are taken from Starbucks, reportedly one of the busiest in the world. Gave us a nice view. Then we basically wandered around staring, clearly tourists.
11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 147 11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 149
Everything in Tokyo at night makes noise or blinks, it’s incredible, the noise isn’t so much coming from the people as it is from the buildings, the billboards play music and ads, I’ve never seen anything like it.
11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 160 11Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo 161

It’s definitely a bit overwhelming…that’s my first impression of Tokyo.
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