Kamilah Taylor
I think I just found my dream gadget. It's a little bit out of my price range, but it would shave off $80,000 dollars! That's the pitch I'd sell to anyone I'd try to convince to buy this, though I have sneaking suspicion that someone will be me.

Enter the Yamaha AvantGard. This baby was made to replicate the experience of playing a grand piano at a fifth of the cost, half the size, and a third of the weight - and without the need to tune! Consider the following (according to PopSci):

Grand Piano:
  1. $100,000
  2. 9 feet
  3. 1500 pounds
  1. $19,000
  2. 4 feet
  3. 450 pounds
I've long been a fan of Yamaha's digital pianos, so the choice seems clear to me. Not many of us have the money for an acoustic grand piano. And yes, I know that the experience is not quite the same as an acoustic for the pianist, but it's so damn close who the hell cares? There's a price difference of $80,000! I say bring on the future of digital piano technology, though I admit that if I were able to, I probably would buy an acoustic.
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