Champaign's best kept International food secret: World Harvest. I'm continuously amazed at the stuff I'm able to find there, surprising since sometimes when you're out in the middle of cornfields, you don't expect to find:

Yes really, Vita Malt. Of course I was more excited about the Ting. And check out that Jamaica Flower Concentrate from Guatemala. Yes, this is sorrel concentrate, and I was not brave enough to try it.


I could have sworn I looked for saltfish here before to no avail. Now if only they had ackee...they assured me that they checked 6 months ago and their Jamaican supplier had no canned ackee...though what Jamaican supplier worth their salt would not carry ackee?

Also at World Harvest, Jamaican and other Caribbean sauces galore and sorrel! I somehow didn't realize before that I should ask for dried Hibiscus if I want to buy sorrel in the US. So now I can try my hand yet again at sorrel..and since they have browning too, I can try Christmas cake. A little late in the season but I'm tempted to still try.
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  1. Kyoudai Says:

    Glad to see the Pickapeppa factory down the road has products going all over ^_^

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