Kamilah Taylor
Wi likkle but wi tallawah. The ridiculous amount of Jamaican stuff in Japan leads me to wonder how it's possible that such a tiny island could have such a big cultural influence on the world.



These are of course pictures from my trip to Japan over a year ago. I always knew that the Japanese had a fascination with Jamaica, but seeing is believing. I'm told some of those signs say Rastafari in Kanji. It's really great how everything Jamaican comes with a Marijuana leaf. Lovely to know that this is our cultural influence.

And of course the Engrish. This is a classic, "Hope and Courage Connected with the Future". What does that mean? And take a look at these pants:


Is it a coincidence that the brand is not Kingston but "King Stone", and all of their stuff has marijuana leaves all over them? I actually could never decide.

Incidentally, these pictures were taken in what became one of our favorite little shops that we found in Kobe, Japan. There was an ever greater find here than this Jamaican merchandise...but that's for another post, another day.
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