#comcastsucks This just in, Comcast is still as infuriating as ever. Guess what? I don't care if you claim to have ended a special, if you're still advertising it ON YOUR MAIN PAGE then you should honor it. Period. Would it really have hurt you that much to honor your advertised $19.99/month? Was it worth it to insist upon $29.99/month? I was actually going to suck it up and go with you as my internet provider again and possibly even a cable provider and you lost my business.

Edit: I just realized that it's worse than I thought, the site says this special is valid till 3/31/11 if you click terms and conditions. For shame!

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  1. Hi there! I 'd like to help on this. When you have a moment, please email us, provide the address where you would like to receive Comcast service and a link to this page.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm STILL laughing...

    First, I'm laughing at your post b/c I had an almost identical situation w/ Comcast four months ago when I moved to Urbana from NC and I feel the same way as you do about the company. (Although I'm pretty sure I hate them ALL the time now)

    And second, I'm laughing b/c of the response you got from the National Customer Operations guy! So how did they know about your blog? I bet you told them you were going to publish their B.S. on your blog and then gave them the address, right? (I just say that b/c I know the rage one can feel trying to talk to these people!)

    In any case, I discovered your blog by way of searching the U of I's CS Dept. faculty bios, looking for anyone who can help me connect w/ grad students into virtual reality and gaming. I'm a teacher (K-6) but now working at the ECDL on campus with infants and am, in my off-time, designing immersive learning games based on children's literature (or trying to, rather). I'm new to town, the University as a whole, have no connections, but an idea I'm trying to make a prototype of. If anyone comes to mind, will you let me know? I'd really appreciate it.

    And finally, I'm married to a Jamaican from St. Thomas (way up there in the mountains) who now has a shop in the Fishing Beach in Negril. We've been doing a long-distance thing for nine years now. I've spent a good bit of time around the island. Perhaps you'd like to go get a coffee sometime? Cafe Paradiso off of Lincoln is near my home and job so I'm there quite a bit. I'd love to meet you and hear more about your trip to Japan. I looked at all your pix!


  3. ameyer13 Says:

    How a customer is treated from the start sets the mood for the reminder of the relationship. I've seen many a advertisement that has not ended up quite the way it was displayed and that's not cool. I have been pretty lucky by joining Dish Network, I have yet to feel exploited. When I first signed up I was able to get some pretty cool new customer promotions that were more than I was seeing out of other companies. I did not later find out that the rebate would take a while or that I would have to fill out an online application. I was immediately privy to my discounts and they lasted a year. I was then pretty impressed with the equipment that arrived at my home the day of my install, we are talking HD dual-tuner receivers which didn't cost me anything upfront by the way. I was given the option to take advantage of HD free for life and found out why that's so important when it was installed. Now I am one who travels for work through Dish so recently I was discussing the options with a buddy of mine that works in tech support. He was pretty insistent that there was some new technology that would allow me to use my services on my mobile and I'd not be losing anything in the process. So needless to say I now have a Sling Adapter to record DVR events relative to my location to have when I get there. Honestly I really can't say that I've been disappointed in the customer service I've received or the ongoing promotions that have been distributed. I would say, keep your options open.

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